Waking Up

I help Emerging Light Workers™ (people like you) wake up and move into higher levels of consciousness and awareness while developing their spiritual gifts and abilities.


Guidance | Coaching

Through personal coaching, you'll receive powerful support, guidance, and simple awareness tools that truly empower your transformation.


How it Begins

The journey begins with being honest about who you are and taking responsibility for what you create with your personal energy (emotion), will and intention.


What's Required

You must be willing to do the inner work! Self-leadership, compassion and above all, humility, is required.


Dismantle, detach and connect...

Dismantling and detaching from beliefs, patterns, and codes that don’t align with your true divine nature elevates your consciousness. You’ll be challenged to believe in all possibilities rather than the limited polarized view of the world that our current programming dictates. This is part of “waking up” and shifting into higher dimensional living.


Restructuring for a new connection...

Your ego will be challenged. As you move into divine self-realization, the mind reaches into the past to make sense of your new consciousness and the ego uses fear, wounding, and the perception of “dark and light” and “good and bad” to keep us safe in the cocoon of duality and struggles to remain in control. Restructuring your relationship with the ego and aligning it with your divine self is how we begin to master our energy.


Awareness, moving meditation, and stillness...

The key to higher consciousness and shifting into a multidimensional being is living life! Your sacred practice is being present, awake, and aware throughout your day. Becoming the keen and powerful observer of your reactions and responses to the world help you discover what is out of alignment with your divine self. We then begin to dismantle limiting structures and invite more of our divinity into our every day. This is an alchemical shift in our quantum awareness and moves us back into divine self-realization.

You are required to practice different types of meditation and awareness skills in addition to using your intuition and the power of discernment in your every day.


Taking charge of Y O U with leadership and compassion...

You will need to move forward in self-leadership and self-compassion. As you begin to awaken, the illusion of the 3D/4D polarity of our world is exposed and your body wakes up to the truth. Any limiting programming is dismantled; including those that feel very personal and real. Practicing self-compassion and becoming the divine mother to our heart and mind is the healing balm needed to walk us through this part of our shift in consciousness.


Restructuring for a new connection...

As you take responsibility for your life in a new way, the awareness of what we’ve created in this world can be painful. A mourning process begins while we shed old coding and ignite new divine energy from within. It is a slow and steady walk – not one to be hurried or controlled.

Your senses are awakened and you may become overwhelmed with emotion as you adjust to a new frequency and vibration. It is my job to support and guide you through these times and give you the tools you need to follow your path; however, it is entirely up to you to become the leader of Self and make Life Your Sacred Practice™ (see my podcast; book coming soon). You must do the work to succeed!

Getting Started

A New Client Consultation is required prior to working with me. These 60 min phone sessions are the perfect way to get to know each other! New clients receive 50% off their first appointment.

To learn more about how the process works, visit my Sessions page.

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