EDWARD seattle "I've always been a pretty skeptical guy. Not that I don't believe in spirits, people with psychic abilities, or any other "unearthly things." I am just skeptical of all those people out there that claim they have "the gift." Seems like everyone and their mother has it. Almost instantly when I started my session with Makis it felt powerful and very real to me. I've come to trust my instincts when it comes to this sort of thing. It was an experience that still has me thinking about it months later. She told me things that opened my eyes about myself. Or made me confident enough in to actually go out and do them. Basically for me, it was a very self-awakening type of experience." ALEXA southern girl "I love working with Makis. She's helped me through some really dark times. I feel stronger and like I can do anything. Makis is someone that believes in you but you gotta do the work! Lol. And I love that she's taught me to use my intuition so I can help the people I care about." TOM british pop guy "I’m not typically a person who seeks other’s advice or guidance, but when my personal, professional and family lives all began to stress out in different directions I was referred to Makis.  The sessions have been a transformation for me.  She has taught me the talent of dealing with the stresses from within my inner self and to better understand my role in functioning as a total human being instead of as a mere ‘member’ of my assigned roles (as a professional, as a father, as a husband). Makis has provided me with tools that I can use, at any time, to deal with any obstacles that I encounter on my path to a calmer life..." MOLLY seattle "Wow. Makis is nothing short of WOW. She humbles, she shares her incredible wisdom sentence by sentence, she supports, she gives it to you raw and simple. And the whole experience is just filled with the electricity of the truth, knowledge, insight, and experience that only magical Makis can offer. Makis is a force to be reckoned with, and has already - in less than a year of working with her - changed my life drastically for the better.Whether it's discussing grief, questions about the spirit world, how to "attack" daily challenges in life, love, and work, trusting your inner voice, pushing yourself to be the strong person you know yourself to be, touching base with your loved ones who are here as well as those who have passed...Makis can basically do and be all that while evoking laughs and light and love. Wow. Enjoy!!"