Before we begin, let’s get down to the important stuff. If you want real change, you need to do this:

  • Use the tools I give you, consistently.
  • Take responsibility, for everything.
  • Be prepared for your ego to get bruised and your beliefs challenged.
  • Be humble, open, and self-compassionate.
  • Be a leader of Self.
  • Be ready to receive honesty, get silly, and laugh at yourself.

If you aren’t ready, no worries. Come back and see me when you are. You are always welcome!

Otherwise, if you’re ready to get started, keep scrolling!



Wondering what you’ll learn while working with me? Let’s see what happens when you unleash your inner magic:

  • You won’t need to know the future. I’ll teach you how to use your energy to create your best life.
  • You’ll F L O W because you have the tools and the mindset to support it.
  • You’ll trust your intuition and develop your spiritual gifts and abilities because you’ll learn how to accurately discern energy without ego or filters.
  • You’ll be a leader and change the world because you’ve learned to trust and empower yourself with your own wisdom and knowledge.
  • You’ll be divine self-realized because I’ll teach you how to connect with your Godself in a real and meaningful way.



Our first session begins with a New Client Consultation.

When you schedule your consultation:

  • Complete your self-discovery questionnaire.
  • Schedule your first appointment (payment required).
  • After you’ve scheduled your consultation, I’ll send you some emails. Read those emails and watch the videos so you’re prepared for our visit.
  • Follow me on Instagram for the latest adventures!

During, after:

  • During your consultation, we’ll chat about the answers from your self-discovery form.
  • We’ll get to know each other.
  • We’ll talk about your energy and your goals.
  • We’ll discuss how I can help you and what the next steps are for you.
  • After our visit, you’ll get a few basic tools to get you started as an Emerging Light Worker™.


After your consultation, if we decide to work together, the real fun begins. Let’s check it out:

The first 3 months/sessions:

  • After your consultation, you received some basic tools to explore how you respond to life. Use them! These exercises might seem simple but they’re the foundation for what we do.
  • Schedule your next session within 4 weeks. I usually have a 2-week waiting list so you’ll want to get that done soon. I highly recommend you purchase a bundle of 3 sessions to get our momentum going but you’re welcome to purchase individual sessions if that works better for you.
  • Expect to have a session once a month for three months. That’s a total of 3 sessions (not including your consultation).
  • Between sessions, you’ll have access to my Office Hours and email support for an additional fee.
  • You’ll need to do your homework and work your tools every day.

After 3 sessions:

  • You’ll have a better roadmap of how to proceed and how often to see me.
  • Our partnership should be short and sweet. Most clients see me consistently for 8 – 12 months and then intermittently thereafter.
  • I give you the tools, you make the magic happen. This entire process is up to you. I’ll support and guide you but you need to do the work!