First, I’ve lived a challenging life. I’ve been through a lot. So you won’t surprise me with anything. Second, I’m honest and direct for a reason. I basically raised myself. I had to put my big girl panties on and survive. And I had to learn to trust my own intuition. That intuitive awareness opened the gateway for a connection with my divine self and my spiritual gifts and abilities evolved from there.


I’ve put in the hard work. I’ve challenged my ego and battled my inner self. Through it all, I’ve learned to FLOW. Being human doesn’t get me down, it gets me up in the morning and gives me the wings to fly.

The greatest sign of enlightenment is how you FLOW with life.” -Makis Jaspar

If I can thrive, so can you. And you’ll probably do it better.  So if you’re ready to do the work, fly with me. Let’s FLOW. I’ll help you make Life Your Sacred Practice™ and Being human Your Superpower.