MakisJasparSoul Apotheca™ is an Energy & Lifestyle Apotheca™ of Awakening and Enlightenment. I offer simple yet powerful Divine guidance and mentoring founded on deep humility, lots of laughter and a little woo. In addition to these services, you’ll find real, meaningful energy tools, wisdom and resources for emerging light workers, an artisan energy apotheca(ry) and tribe circles designed to InvokeHER™ and InvokeHIM™, the most empowered and authentic you.

Walk with me in the wild unknown . . .

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Are you ready for real wisdom that works in your every day? Do you want to be acknowledged for who you are and yet inspired to be your best? My spiritual journey started at the age of four and I’ve experienced an incredible path of dark and light that helped me expand my gifts and transform my life. In Wild Wisdom I share what I’ve learned and how I developed my own abilities in simple, powerful ways. Awesome infographics, meaningful teachings with useful resources, beautiful images and tons of wisdom offered with humor, style and a little woo!


Soul Purpose Soul Apotheca oMy spiritual awakening workshops and guidance is life changing. Whether you are on a journey of self-empowerment or an emerging light worker (psychic, yoga teacher, healer, martial artist, etc.), I provide simple, powerful tools that Empower, Awaken & Enlighten™ your mind body soul.

Learn to:

  • heal old wounds so you’re no longer repeating old patterns;
  • give yourself permission to discover your Divine Self;
  • stand in your own power without apology;
  • learn simple, real tools that will shift your energy and perspective on life;
  • develop, strengthen and master your own psychic and intuitive gifts;
  • create a powerful balance of energy and emotion;
  • unconditionally accept yourself;
  • set healthy energetic and emotional boundaries;
  • gain a clear understanding of how your energy impacts your life and relationships;
  • and so much more!

Through our work together, my clients experience:

  • real inner change in ways that are unexpected, beautiful and empowering;
  • opening of the third eye and crown chakras that allow you to see, feel and connect with Universal energy and light beings in a more powerful way;
  • increased intuition and significant development of your own gifts and abilities;
  • strong sense of fearlessness, compassion and authenticity;
  • powerful shifts in energy;
  • how to successfully deal with the ups and downs of the human experience as a Divine Soul;
  • alignment with higher vibrations of energy;
  • the art of soul-energy: how to transform, direct and create your best life through Divine Will & Intent;
  • profound psychic accuracy through humility and discernment;
  • meaningful, personal support through the process;
  • and much much more!

My clients are my soul tribe. It is my soul’s purpose to assist you and I honor and respect that privilege. This journey is about accepting our humanity as the vehicle to the soul. That is where it all begins and ends. Without the human experience we would not fulfill our soul’s first and primary purpose: to experience the dark and the light through the human journey. As you awaken to these simple Divine Truths, I am here to guide, empower, challenge and inspire you to reveal your Divine Self. Clients describe my work as “life changing, deeply moving and real.”  I provide the tools, you bring the energy!

Join me for a walk with me in the wild unknown and InvokeHER™ | InvokeHIM™, the most empowered and authentic you.

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APOTHECARIUS APOTHICAIRE APOTHECA artisan oSoul Apotheca™ offers an empowering line of InvokeHER™ | InvokeHIM™ artisan energy oils that powerfully focus and transform your thought-energy through meditation using crystals, sacred objects or Reiki-charged candles. If you’re new to using your own energy to change your life and shift belief systems, then this is the perfect place to start! Soul Apotheca™ teaches the art of soul-energy: how to use the unique rhythm of your soul to create the the life you want and empower your Divine Self.

Explore our Energy Apotheca(ry)™ and discover exotic resin chakra incense, self-awareness cards and more!



If you need an urgent chat I’m here to help! I set aside time every week to partner with those that need support during tough times. These mini sessions are held by phone for 30 min – click the button below to schedule something within the next 24 hours. If you need a bit longer, I have 45 min sessions too. As with all my workshops, payment is required at the time of booking via Paypal. I do not give refunds for workshops or readings, especially when it’s a last minute booking. Please read my Service Policies before scheduling your appointment. Love and Light!


Soul Apotheca™ Tribe™ is a group dedicated to sharing their love and light with others through live meditation, outdoor walkabouts, support circles and more. When people gather with the intention of compassion, healing and a good dose of wisdom, they create a powerful Circle of Light that shifts and transmutes energy. We welcome members that want to inspire, empower and transform the world through the light of their souls.  Our circles are held by phone, web and in person in the Seattle area!

Join the tribe and create Circles of Light by Original Souls™.



Meet the power of your Soul™.

Private, personal workshops that empower, awaken and enlighten™.

Every session is a workshop: you provide the willingness and awareness, I provide the Divine Guidance through spiritual coaching and mentoring. I specialize in training emerging light workers and helping people find wholeness through an empowered relationship with their soul – Divine Self realization. Whether you’re curious about exploring your spiritual journey or feel called to use your intuitive gifts to help others, my workshops and readings are divided into three levels to meet the needs of every sojourner. You can work with me at Level 1 for as long as you like; however, for those of you that are on a journey of awakening or interested in developing your spiritual gifts, progressing through Steps 2 and 3 is the ultimate (r)evolution for mind body soul



DIVINE LIGHTAwakening Your Divine Light
Divine Light is your Limitless Oneness; the soul of the universe. It is warm loving energy composed of both dark and light, making no judgments of any kind. It simply exists to create. It is the vast powerful creative matrix of loving light that continues to rebirth itself in forms that allow contrast, wholeness and an experience of its own energy in the alchemy of all life. Divine Light is wise, healing and empowering. It is the nature of your soul and shared by your brothers and sisters: the moon, the sun and stars and all variations of energy, regardless of density, in the universe.

It is my soul’s purpose to awaken your Divine Light and re-ignite a connection with your soul in a way that empowers your ancient memories while drawing from the well of your ancient origin. We no longer need complex systems, rituals or elaborate hierarchy to remember our wholeness and claim our divinity. It is our birthright to embrace our Limitless Oneness through our humanity. It is essential that we utilize our human canvas to receive the beauty of our infinite soul being.

“Divinity is found in the simplicity of the moment.” -MakisJaspar

Divinity if found in the simplicity of the moment. Everything we need to heal, love and awaken is found by standing as the fulcrum, a pillar of light, where all balances to you. It is in this moment where your soul-energy expresses itself through action, thought, deed and energy. Our energy is always the first to speak. Learning its subtle language is the key to transformation. My goal is to help you heal and trust in your soul’s connection, building simple yet powerful tools that awaken and empower your Divine Light so that you may live an authentic soulful life with grace and ease.

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Wild Wisdom . . .

Wild Wisdom is a natural extension of my workshops and classes offering articles and resources on everything from meditation and self-healing to inspiring stories about the journey of a wounded soul walking through enlightenment. Guest writers, amazing poets and an in depth series on the Original Tough Girl™ and Emerging Light Worker are featured along with real tools and resources that will shift your every day energy.




Enlightenment JourneyThe art of letting go is about loving yourself. It is a compassionate and soulful act that strengthens your connection with the universe and shares more of your Divine Self, or higher self, with the world. When we uncover our true nature we unleash a beautiful light-energy in our being that radiates an opportunity for healing and transformation to others simply by being who we are.

When we choose to hold the hurts and wounds of our past in our energy field, we build walls around our own light source. We deny our ancient origin and the return to wholeness. We imagine that we’re punishing those people who betrayed us by protecting ourselves with a fortress of pain. We use that pain to act out in unloving and unkind acts: lack of compassion, an insistence that others behave or believe the way we think they should; impatience and the inability to speak our truth or connect deeply with the world. How do we heal this part of ourselves? Surrender. Fully embracing our pain is the pathway to peace. Surrender doesn’t mean giving up your power, truth or self-respect. Surrender is healthy loving boundaries; compassion and a willingness to receive unconditionally. Surrendering is an act of I AM. I AM more than this pain. I AM empowered. I AM worthy. I AM truth. I AM the moment. I AM fearless and I make the choice to live now where my spirit is wild and free; where all knowledge, healing and transformation is given and received. I AM the Divine Light of my being and I choose to release that which no longer serves me. 

As you read these words surrender to their vibration. Feel them. Let them thunder through your body and resonate through your voice. That is surrender. That is letting go. Allowing yourself to be consumed by the thundering vibration of love and light and choosing to set yourself free. It’s a choice. And if you’re afraid to make that choice ask yourself this, “What am I getting from holding on to pain? What’s my pay off? What do I receive?” If you want to experience what it’s like without the pay off of pain, ask yourself, “If I gave myself permission to release this pain and live in love and light, what would that feel like?” This is a powerful question to ask yourself and it will begin to change your energy field. We often need a catalyst for transformation and this is a gentle yet profound way for initiating that movement.

“Enlightenment is the journey of surrender. -MakisJaspar

So many of us use the wounds of our past like a weapon against life. As a recovering warrior, I discovered that the blade of my weapon dulled and not only did I lose the strength to wield it, my ability to sharpen the blade disappeared. I had no tools to care for my weapons and I was forced to drop my shield and sword. For a serious martial artist and life long tough girl, this was my moment of surrender. All that I had known collapsed and my weapons of self-protection no longer had value – they didn’t work anymore. This part of my journey was when freedom, Limitless Oneness and peace replaced my sword and shield. It was one of the greatest catalysts for my spiritual transformation. I learned to surrender, embrace and love my wounds. It required courage, choice and discipline. I offer the same opportunity to you.

Enlightenment is the journey of surrender. It’s an awakening of our origin. You were designed to experience contrast, not live there. I encourage you to consider letting go and having the courage to change. Use my Heart Light Meditation to assist you and know that you are worthy of being free.

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InvokeHER™ | InvokeHIM™ is an artisan energy apotheca(ry)™ offering hand blended meditation energy oils, Reiki-carged candles, self-awareness cards, energy jewelry and more. We feature our own artisan goods in addition to carefully selected products crafted by inspiring artists! As a Lifestyle Apotheca™, everything we do has one mission in mind: provide opportunities for Divine Self realization, a return to wholeness .

Join us for a walk in the wild unknown . . .

Empower. Awaken. Enlighten.™






Circles of Light by Original Souls™

My Soul Apotheca™ Tribe™ is a group of Original Souls that want to share their energy with the world in a positive and inspiring way. When people join together in powerful purpose, great Circles of Light are made and opportunities for healing abound. Light-energy radiates across the planet,  fusing with the essence of every soul-energy asking for change and empowering them to freedom. Join us for soulful moments of awareness and transformation by phone, online or in Seattle.

Howl at the moon and create Circles of Light my with Soul Apotheca™ Tribe™!